About Us

Vam Electronics, founded in 2002-2003, always endeavors to sale electronic components with high quality and reliability. Today, Vam Electronics achieves its fastest development in electronic field. The reason for the fast expansion of Vam Electronics is the concept of "life, efficiency, potential, original, and satisfaction". Vam Electronics is committed to making its name "Vam Elec tronics" famous for environment protection, high working efficiency, strong potential, outstanding original products and customer satisfaction. By excellent services, superior raw materials and professional production technology, Vam Electronics has established itself as an expert in electronics component field. Vam Electronics  has its product and service scopes of passive as well as active components that meet almost all technical requirements and standards for a variety of specific product applications.

Customer is at the center of all services. Vam Electronics serves as a partner and friend to customers. The ultimate aim of Vam Electronics is to provide products and services that help customers to achieve their successful business. The personal commitment and efforts of every Vam Electronics employee finally win the satisfaction of customers. The number of satisfied Vam Electronics customers increases each year due to its innovative products, prompt reply, competitive price, on-time deliveries and superior customer service.

Vam Electronics hires staff with rich working experience, excellent English level, and strong professional ethics. Employees are the most valuable resources of Vam Electronics Their knowledge, experience and effort are what make Vam Electronics success. Vam Electronics actively encourages its employees to dedicate their creativity and capabilities to the success of the company. Vam Electronics even rewards and promotes employees who work hard to gain new skills and are committed and willing to take decisions.

Vam Electronics enjoys favorable reputation for 8 years and attracts a great number of customers of varied industries.

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Vam Electronics valuates the individuality and capacity of all present and potential employees and encourage employees to demonstrate their self-reliance.

Vam Electronics strives to provide a friendly working environment and inspire employees to reach their great potential in the workplace.

Vam Electronics aims to maximize customer satisfaction by its excellent quality, and by offering innovative products and services.

Vam Electronics will continually work to enhance the quality of its products and services and will extend that concept of quality to every aspect.

Vam Electronics will seek the challenge of innovation by aiming high, and consistently striving for greater achievements.

Vam Electronics emphasizes every detail. Vam Electronics develops a special source for hard-to-find electronic components, establishes an all-around quality control system to ensure the highest quality products, and provides considerate services including quick response, short lead time, fast shipment, and perfect after-sale service to smooth your business.